10 Italian dishes you must try before you die

A delicious kind of cuisine – Italian

There are probably not many people out there who have not tried at least one or two Italian dishes in their lives. Without further ado, here is a list of 10 great meals from Italy you must try at least once in your life.


Flat pasta, tomato sauce, béchamel sauce, minced meet (or vegetables) and lots of cheese – these layers will result in one of the best pasta dishes on the planet, lasagna.



Similarly to lasagna, pizza is something very simple yet special. Bread, tomato sauce, various toppings (the list would be endless) and cheese – that is all you need for it.


Pasta – spaghetti, ravioli and so on

It would be impossible to go into details here, since there are hundreds of different pasta dishes available. However, we can mention some of the most well-known kinds apart from lasagna, such as spaghetti, tortellini, tagliatelle, ravioli, rigatoni, penne, orecchiette, macaroni, gnocchi, farfalle, fusilli and canelloni.



Minestrone is the most popular Italian soup, consisting mainly of vegetables, but it can also contain pasta, rice or meat. The trick is that it should always be made of seasonal vegetables, and for this reason it can be prepared according to different types of recipes.


Focaccia bread

Similarly to pizza, focaccia consists of bread, toppings like onion, meat, vegetables and cheese. The main difference between the two is that pizza has a much thinner bread than focaccia. Moreover, for focaccia we usually use only one kind of topping by itself, while in the case of pizza we often use many of them togehter.



In order to make risotto, you will need to cook the rice in some liquid (cooked from vegetables or meet) until it is creamy. It can be prepared using various ingredients, including mushroom, beef, saffron, wine, beans, peas, pancetta, pumpkin, sausage and many different types of cheese.



A perfect way to use the leftover from risotto is to make arancini. It is a kind of deep fried rice ball, stuffed with some ragu, peas and mozzarella. It can be eaten by itself or together with vegetables.



Espresso is an extraordinary item on this list. Since it is a kind of coffee, it may not be considered as a dish, however, due to its popularity we have decided to include it anyway. It is an extremely strong kind of coffee, thanks to its method of preparation, which results in a high concentration of chemicals (including caffeine).


Panna cotta

A kind of cooked cream fixed with gelatin and with flavors like vanilla, coffee, rum and so on. It can be served by itself or with fruits, chocolate or caramel sauce or some liqueur. Basically, it is very similar to pudding but it is thicker.



One of the most perfect desserts in the world is tiramisu, which is probably the most famous one of Italian sweets. It can only be perfect if made with Italian coffee.

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