Electric smoker – the revolutionary change in BBQ

Barbecuing, BBQ, grilling and so on – what is what?

Those who are not so familiar with the world of cooking are probably wondering what the terms mentioned above mean. Most of us know that they refer to cooking outside, but that is all; many of us do not know what kind of things are behind these three letters: BBQ. Does this word cover some type of activity, a kitchen appliance, an ingredient or something else? Is there any difference between barbecuing and grilling or are they basically the same?

Let us explain the basics here! When you grill, you use a relatively high temperature to prepare the food and you need a relatively short time to do it. On the other hand, you use a low temperature when you barbecue, and this way you will need a longer time to get the job done.

Another important distinction is about the amount of smoke the two activities produce: during grilling, there is not much smoke around, but smoke plays an important role in the barbecuing process and this way it gives the meat a special flavor. Now that we have made it clear what grilling and barbecuing really mean, let’s forget the first one and focus on BBQ!

What kind of apparatus should be used for barbecuing?

As you already know by now, you will need some equipment in order to create all that smoke that is needed for barbecuing. There are many different types of smokers available on the market, so you should know the basics before purchasing one, otherwise, you might end up with a smoker that is not the best fit for your needs. If you are not a pro yet and you are thinking about to begin this great hobby, our suggestion is to buy an electric smoker. Why?

Easy to handle

This is probably the most appealing characteristic for a beginner. If your starter smoker apparatus is a model you cannot handle without serious difficulties, it can ruin the fun and incline you to give up barbecuing for good. The simpler the better!

Temperature control

Contrary to other kinds of smokers, you do not need to control the temperature yourself: the Masterbuilt electric smoker will do it instead of you. There is no fire that you have to check all the time like with other types of smokers, therefore you don’t need to supervise the process and be around the machine all the time during barbecuing.

It is safe to use

Since an electric smoker does not work with wood and it does not use an open fire, there is no member being produced during barbecuing. For this reason, there is no fire risk.

Extra space

Although smaller models are also available, you can choose from some really spacious ones, which are ideal if you have a big family, a huge amount of friends who like hanging around at your place, of if you are planning to enter a BBQ competition in the future.

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