How to choose the right wine


What do you know about wine?

If you are a real wine expert, this article will probably not be very informative for you. However, most people are not wine experts, therefore they will probably find some useful information in the followings. Even if you don’t drink alcohol or simply don’t like wine, you never know when you will have a wine-lover guest, either in your home or as a business partner. In this case, you will hopefully appreciate the time you have spent reading this.

The very basics

The most important and most simple wine rule is this: you should always choose red wine for red meat, and white wine for white meat. Red meats include pork, lamb, beef, veal, duck, deer and other game meats, while white meat comprises of chicken and turkey. Different kinds of fish can also be divided into these two categories: cod, flatfish or haddock are all white fish, and salmon, herring, sardines, mackerel and tuna are red ones.

More basic rules

Let’s go through some further basic rules about how to match wine with certain foods. Here are some pieces of good advice of how to select the right wine during the meal. First of all, it is better to start with white wine and finish with red one. The same applies to dry and sweet wines, too (so start with dry, and continue with sweet). With your dessert, drink a wine that is sweeter than the food itself.

Tips and tricks for pairing your wine with the right food

After going through the basics, we can get familiar with some more detailed rules to pair wine and food. Dry white wine is suitable for different kinds of vegetables (including roasted vegetables) and fish.

Sweet white wine is perfect for soft cheese, hard cheese, cured meat and various sweets. Rich white wine tastes good with soft cheese, fish, rich fish (like crabs) and white meat. Sparkling wines are suitable for soft cheese and hard cheese as well, vegetables, starches (for instance bread) and fish. If you drink light red wine, choose roasted vegetables, rich fish, white meat or cured meat with it.

For medium red wines you should eat roasted vegetables, hard cheese, bread and pastries, both white and red meat or cured meat. Bold red wines fit perfectly with hard cheese, starches, red meat and cured meat. Last but not least, we have to mention dessert wines too: apart from sweets, they are also a good match for soft cheese, starches and cured meats.

So which wine is which?

Let us give some examples of the wine categories mentioned above. Dry white wines include Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay or Muscadet. Sweet white wines include Riesling, Muscato, Vouvray. Rich white wines are for example Trimbach Pinot Blanc or Terlan Pinot Bianco. The most famous sparkling wine is definitely champagne. Light red wine is Pinot Noir for instance, medium red is Carignan and bold red wine is Dolcetto. Famous dessert wines include Sauternes or Tokaji Aszú.

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