Pizza – the yummiest thing on planet Earth


A delicious yet very simple meal – pizza

There is probably not many people out there who have never heard of pizza. Today it is among the most popular dishes in several countries, especially in the western world. But how can it be so amazingly popular as it is? After all, it is just a piece of bread with some sauce, topping, and (usually) cheese. Nothing fancy, right? So what’s the secret?

Well, its simplicity might be the explanation. The fact that it is so easy to make and the fact that it requires simple ingredients made it possible for a pizza to spread all around the world.

Italy, the motherland of this delicious type of bread

It all started in Italy, a Southern European land with the funny shape of a boot. Pizza actually has a history of thousands of years, but only a thousand years have passed by since the first time it was called “pizza”. It started its journey as plain bread, which became flattered and flatters through time, enriched with different types of toppings like onion and cheese. This kind of flatbread was made not only in Italy but also in Greece, the Balkans, Valencia, and Catalonia, but today’s pizza has the most things in common with the Italian version.

The evolution of pizza

From the beginning, it was treated as “poor people’s food” and was sold mainly on the street. The funny thing is that it still has a quite serious “food street status” even today, and can be bought relatively cheaply along with other kinds of street food.

However, these days there are many sophisticated recipes available with quality ingredients, and this makes pizza a suitable restaurant dish as well, even in gourmet restaurants. It can also be purchased frozen in countless supermarkets so that we can easily prepare it at home, even if we have no idea how to make it by a recipe book. Traditionally it is baked in the wood-fired brick oven, but it is, of course, possible to do it in a more simple one that most of us have at home.

What about our health?

Like most types of fast food, pizza is considered quite unhealthy, at least the way it is prepared by fast food places. It contains a high level of carbohydrates, fat, and salt and it contains almost no vitamins, trace elements, and other important nutrients. But this fact does not mean that you cannot enjoy a delicious slice of pizza every now and then, especially if you prepare it by yourself. If you want to be health-conscious, there are some tips and tricks for you about what to pay attention to when making pizza.

Homemade and healthy

First of all, replace white flour with some whole grain kind. The dough won’t be so light like it normally is, but this should not ruin your fun. Try to use homemade pizza sauce along with healthy toppings such as vegetables, and avoid things like ham, pepperoni (pepperoni pizza), bacon and so on.

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