San Vito Restaurant – the one place you must eat at

What is San Vito Restaurant?

If you like Italian cuisine, you should get familiar with San Vito Restaurant, which is an authentic Italian place where you can enjoy traditional dishes in a pleasant atmosphere. Below we will introduce its wide selection of delicious drinks and meals, so that everyone can find something for their taste.

Lunch or dinner, it is up to you. Moreover, if you prefer eating at your home, workplace or elsewhere, you can decide to order catering service. San Vito can deliver anything from the menu, and they will also help you design your own selection of food that fits your taste (and your guests’ taste) perfectly.

The drinks: cocktails, beers, wines and so on

Let’s start with drinks! You can choose from a few kinds of white wine, including Chardonnay, Terrazo Esino Blanco or Cornaro Pinot Grigio. If you’d rather drink red wine, you will have many more to choose from: Puglia Primitivo, Fossi Chianti Classico, San Vito Chianti and many more.

Apart from a nice variety of cocktails and beers, we should mention one important thing here: coffee. This should not be a surprise, since Italian espresso is famous all around the world. Apart from this specialty, you can drink cafe latte, cappuccino, cafe american and decaf coffee too.


Pizza – the soul of Italian cuisine

Of course this is not news for anyone, but pizza is probably the best part of Italian cuisine. Here at San Vito you can eat pizza like Margherita, America, Capricciosa, Rustica or Venezia. Another typical dish is calzone: you can choose Diavolo, Verde, Biano and so on.



Yet another very typical Italian dish. There is a wide range of choice here: different types of lasagne, spaghetti, farfalle, fettucini, rigatoni and ravioli.



We should not forget about the healthiest kind of dinner: salad! If you have always thought that salad is a diet meal and therefore it must be tasteless and boring, it is time to change your mind. Mozzarella, crouton, gorgonzola, parmesan, spinach, walnuts, grilled chicken, stake, shrimp or salmon – just a few of the delicious ingredients you can pick from.


Meat and seafood

Let’s see what is on the menu for those who prefer a more conventional main course. Apart from pork and chicken, there is also veal, salmon, prawns, shrimp, tilapia, scallops, clams, mussels and calamari. As for side dish you can pick vegetables or pasta.


How to complete a great meal – desserts

If you still have some space in your stomach after an abundant lunch or dinner, you must try some of the desserts, made in Italian and American style. San Vito’s specialty is definitely the amazing chocolate souffle. Molten chocolate inside the cake, vanilla ice cream on the top – what more do we need?

Where can I find these restaurants?

You can find them at 2 different locations in the USA, both in Northern Virginia. One is located in Centiliter, and the other one in Burke (Springfield).

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