Stone Hearth Oven Pizza

Pizze e Calzoni (Pizza and Calzone): We can customize any brick oven selection to your taste. Kids love our “Rainbow Fish” Pizza.
Appetizers & Salads:  Zuppa Del Giorno, Calamari Fritti, Bistecca Salad, just to name a few. Try our popular homemade Maryland Crab Diptopped with melted mozzarella & served with toasted crostini.
Pasta Dishes:  Lumache al Forno ~ Jumbo stuffed shells, vodka cream & lump crab meat; Trittico di Pasta ~ Blue crab ravioli with cognac cream sauce & cappelini Michelle with a hearty tomato basil sauce & lasagna croccante with parmesan alfredo sauce. (See our menu for other selections.)
Wine, Beer & Cocktails:  Enjoy an nice glass of red, white, or port wine to go with your meal. Visit San Vitos on Wine Tasting evenings where you can learn about and taste new wines. An assortment of American and Imported Beer, as well as cocktails are also available.
Dessert – Italian & American Dolci:  A fine assortment of traditional and specialty desserts are available. If you are a chocolate lover, don’t miss the incredible Chocolate Soufflé. The chocolate cake has a rich molten center that literally melts in your mouth. The chocolate is so rich that it is served with creamy vanilla ice cream to balance the taste.